Crickets Seem Funny, But Loud & Damage Fabrics in Home

Crickets might seem like a funny little kind of bug, but they are truly a pest of the first order. Why? Well, they’re loud. They can carry disease. And they can nibble on some types of human food that gets left out, that they like too. Crickets also have a thing for pecking away at […]

Bedbugs Bite During Your Sleep

Bedbugs will bite you as you sleep, unaware of them. Their bites can cause little red marks and rashes. “Call Us!” at (888) 273-7891 email: contact form: website:

Ants Never Alone, Always A Mass, However Hidden

There’s an old saying that wherever you see a single ant, there will be another nearby. And another. And another. If not hundreds or even thousands of them. They come in large numbers, and they can swarm, under certain conditions. Don’t let them build up on your property or start swarming inside your very own […]

Rats, Disease, Major Organ Damage

Rats can lead to many serious health outcomes and well-known diseases. The complications from some can lead to liver or kidney damage, even failure. Stop these pests as soon as possible. Ellet Exterminator is standing by to take care of it for you, immediately. “Call Us!” at (888) 273-7891 email: contact form: website: […]

Mosquitoes Come In Variety, All Relentless Hunters

Mosquitoes actually come in several distinct species, though all with common traits. Some species can ‘sense’ a human from up to 60 meters away. They are all parasites. And they have the mindset of little hunters in an ancient jungle, willing to stalk their prey and evade any too-smiple obstacle you try to place in […]

Spiders Are Top Predators

Spiders are among the top predators of the insect world. On the plus side they can prey on other types of bugs you don’t want to build up in your home or office. On the negative side the spiders themselves can build up, in terms of total numbers, and can tend to takeover. Don’t let […]

Pests Bite and Carry Disease

Pest species can bite. Often they can carry disease and transmit it along. They can eat human food. Damage your property. Violate your personal space. Destroy your peace of mind. And essentially ‘move in & make themselves at home’ except without the minor detail of having gotten the proper invite or the host’s gracious permission […]

Wasps Attack Threats

Wasps will attack humans they perceive as a threat, and sting them if they can, and as much as they can. They’re very painful and can cause swollen flesh, and possibly a feeling of panic in whoever they decide to gang up on. Don’t let them have free reign to attack your children, your pets, […]

Ants and Nests

Ants build nests. Out of instinct. Don’t let them get away with building an ant nest right inside your own family’s ‘human nest’ or in places where your children or pets might play, otherwise unaware. Let Ellet Exterminator help take care of them for you. “Call Us!” at (888) 273-7891 email: contact form: […]

Mice and Unhealthy Outcomes

A mice infestation in your home or business can lead to unhealthy outcomes for anyone who comes into contact with the furniture (or even floor) surfaces that they have polluted by their own rodent body functions. You might feel they’re too cute to kill, but they are also a clear and present danger to your […]