What do spiders eat?

Contrary to popular belief, spiders rarely bite people. We’re just not spider food. Spiders are often attracted to porch lights because those lights attract insects, spiders’ preferred food source. Using yellow colored porch lights will reduce the attraction to insects and cut down on spiders as well.

Ants on a diet

With ants in Eastvale, CA, we often find ants eating sugars, proteins, and even fats. They don’t often eat more than on macronutrient at a time. At times they will eat more sugars other times more protein. When baiting ants, it is important to know what their needs are.

Spiders, Ants, And Bed Bugs…Oh My!

At Ellet Exterminator, our pest control in Corona, CA help to stop pests from coming in to your home in the first place. But, if you already have an infestation of ants, spiders, bed bugs, or other nasty pest, our long term approach to pest control will get rid of them and keep them away. […]